F# Advent Calendar in English 2017

F# Advent Calendar is an adorable idea, which has become a tradition:

Each year we’ve had an incredible Advent full of F# and Christmas spirit.

Advent 2017 is coming, this year we have 52 free slots. Do not to lose your chance to reserve a slot and spread your thoughts and love to F# with the community. A lot of amazing initiatives developed this year: Fable, Rider, Ionide, SAFE, Visual F#& VS15, dotNET Core, VS for Mac, Expecto, Azure Functions, new F# books and much more! Join F# Advent Calendar today!


Rules are very simple:

  1. Choose F# related topic for your blog post and reserve the slot on Twitter or leave a comment to this post. Please note that you do not have to announce the topic until the date.
  2. Prepare a blog post in English
  3. Publish your post on a specified date (according to the calendar)
  4. Post the link to your post on Twitter with hashtags #fsharp and #FsAdvent.


Slot Date Author Post Title
#01 Dec 03 (Sun)  Michael Newton Reading From the Firehose With Fable
#02 Dec 03 (Sun)  Mikhail Shilkov  Precompiled Azure Functions in F#
#03 Dec 04 (Mon)  Stachu Korick‏  WTF# is going on in the F# world?
#04 Dec 04 (Mon)  Jon Nyman  Over 5 Years of F#
#05 Dec 05 (Tue)  Alex Casquete‏  🙁
#06 Dec 05 (Tue)  Phillip Trelford  F#Unctional Londoners Meetup Activity
#07 Dec 06 (Wed)  Alfonso Garcia-Caro  FableConf: Where the magic happened
#08 Dec 06 (Wed)  Ramón Soto Mathiesen  Bloom Filter Sort (bfsort)
#09 Dec 07 (Thu)  François Nicaise  Merry Christmas Fable Community!
#10 Dec 07 (Thu)  Martin Gondermann A fable of Web MIDI
#11 Dec 08 (Fri)  Devon Burriss  An argument for functional programming
#12 Dec 08 (Fri)  Paweł Bańka  Polymorphwhat?
#13 Dec 09 (Sat)  Evgeniy Andreev‏  Say hello to Avalonia
#14 Dec 09 (Sat)  Karl-Johan Nilsson  Happy Fezmas (or Getting started with Fez)
#15 Dec 10 (Sun)  Eriawan Kusumawardho  Current state of F# 4.x tooling and IDE ecosystem on December 2017
#16 Dec 10 (Sun)  Jeremy Abbott  Implementing the A in SAFE with the Azure CLI
#17 Dec 11 (Mon)  Pierre Irrmann Some advice to F# beginners
#18 Dec 11 (Mon)  Martin Andersen  The soccer player best suited to be Santa Claus
#19 Dec 12 (Tue)  Jamie Dixon  The Social Transf#ormation of Software Development
#20 Dec 12 (Tue)  Ian Russell‏  Building Better Learning Resources
#21 Dec 13 (Wed)  Edgar Sánchez Gordón‏  🙁
#22 Dec 13 (Wed)  Reed Copsey, Jr.  Christmas Trees in WPF, 2017 Update
#23 Dec 14 (Thu)  Cole Dutcher  Hyperoperation via F#
#24 Dec 14 (Thu)  Tom Prior‏  Let’s Get Jammin’
#25 Dec 15 (Fri)  Tamizh Vendan  Generic Programming Made Easy
#26 Dec 15 (Fri)  Scott Nimrod Building an Application’s Server with F#
#27 Dec 16 (Sat)  Mark Pattison Using FAKE to automate building MonoGame content (and draw some fractals)
#28 Dec 16 (Sat)  Julien Roncaglia  Adding our first feature to Ionide
#29 Dec 17 (Sun)  Tomasz Heimowski‏  Splitting Date Ranges
#30 Dec 17 (Sun)  Kunjan Dalal  Indian Chaat with F#
#31 Dec 18 (Mon)  Robert Kuzelj Dependency Management & Injection (3 + 1 Solutions revisited)
#32 Dec 18 (Mon)  Bartosz Sypytkowski‏ An introduction to state-based CRDTs
#33 Dec 19 (Tue)  Tomasz Jaskuλa‏  Statistical analysis using F# and Jupyter notebooks
#34 Dec 19 (Tue)  Dustin Moris Gorski‏ Extending the Giraffe template with different view engine options
#35 Dec 20 (Wed)  Scott Wlaschin‏  Serializing your domain model
#36 Dec 20 (Wed)  Elliott V. Brown F# Advent Day of Code: Modeling types to prevent bugs
#37 Dec 21 (Thu)  Riccardo Terrell  Santa’s Super Sorter: Naughty or Nice?
#38 Dec 21 (Thu)  Bart Sokol  How much code is enough?
Dec 21 (Thu)  Dmitry Morozov  Assert On Steroids
#39 Dec 22 (Fri)  Mike Janger‏  Getting Started with Fable PixiJS
#40 Dec 22 (Fri)  David Glassborow  Answering the phone, functionally
#41 Dec 23 (Sat)  MokoSan  The Lord of the Rings: An F# Approach:

#42 Dec 23 (Sat)  John Azariah  Monkeying Around : Fun with Trees
#43 Dec 24 (Sun)  Roman Nevolin 🙁
#44 Dec 24 (Sun)  Paweł Stadnicki  Triplets: family of functional programming languages – in the same web project
#45 Dec 25 (Mon)  Phillip Carter  Reflecting on F# in 2017
#46 Dec 26 (Tue)  Anthony Brown Working with IoT Edge in F# 
#47 Dec 27 (Wed)  Vagif Abilov‏  Akkling – the unofficial official Akka.NET F# API
#48 Dec 28 (Thu)  Larry O’Brien  fun-ny Faces : Face-based Augmented Reality with F# and the iPhone X
#49 Dec 29 (Fri)  Adam Granicz‏  Serving SPAs
#50 Dec 30 (Sat)  Anthony Lloyd .Net Core 2.0 Performance Notes Revisited
#51 Dec 31 (Sun)  Jeremy Bellows‏  Marquee, Concurrent Web UI Automation Part 1
#52 Jan 01 (Mon)  FSSF  Another New Year for the F# Software Foundation

37 thoughts on “F# Advent Calendar in English 2017

  1. I saw somewhere an invitation to tweet out this month with the hashtags #fsharp and #FsAdvent if one writes an F# post. It may have been a Tweet. Is this something you would like?

      1. Okay, sounds like you do not want contributors absent from the Advent calendar to use the #FsAdvent tag. Please correct me if I am mistaken.

      2. You are correct, but I cannot stop from using the hash tag. I do not plan to all new slots to the calendar this year, but I welcome to see you on the list next year!

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