F# Advent Calendar in English 2019

Update 2019/11/14: As well as year before we will do extra slots again. We will start from slot for [Dec 18 – Dec 24] week, and when they are filled I will add slots for [Dec 11 – Dec 17], then for [Dec 1 – Dec 10] and finally [Dec 25-Dec 31].

F# Advent Calendar is a long tradition in F# community

that became an inspiration for C# Advent Calendar and for Q# Advent Calendar.

Advent 2019 is coming, this year we have 56 free slots. Please join, reserve a slot and spread your thoughts and love to F# with the community.

This year I completely forgot to celebrate 7th birthday of F# Weekly. The very first F# Weekly #43, 2012 was published at 29/10/2012. Since than every 43th edition was an anniversary edition. Help me please celebrate the date – book your slot in #FsAdvent and deliver post in time!


Join F# Advent Calendar today!


  1. Choose F# related topic for your blog post and reserve the slot on Twitter or leave a comment to this post. Please note that you do not have to announce the topic until the date (but you can).
  2. Prepare a blog post in English.
  3. Publish your post on a specified date (according to the calendar).
  4. Post the link to your post on Twitter with hashtags #fsharp and #FsAdvent.


ID Date Author Post Title
#01 Dec 01 (Sun) Nick Blair A functional wrapper around the .net AWS DynamoDB SDK
#02 Dec 01 (Sun) Santa Brings Cloud to Every Developer
#03 Dec 02 (Mon) Steffen Forkmann Announcing Paket 6 alpha
#04 Dec 02 (Mon) Refactoring registration flow to functional architecture
#05 Dec 03 (Tue) Web Crawling Using F#
#06 Dec 03 (Tue) Jonas Juselius AzureAd Authentication with F#
#07 Dec 04 (Wed) Andrew Meier Functional Agent
#08 Dec 04 (Wed) Mathias Brandewinder Santa’s Mailbox
#09 Dec 05 (Thu) Dependency Injection in F# Web APIs
#10 Dec 05 (Thu) Reliability with Intents
#11 Dec 06 (Fri) Peder Klokmose Sørensen Formatting F# Interactive Output
#12 Dec 06 (Fri) Solving reverse polish notation equations in WebAssembly using F#
#13 Dec 07 (Sat)
#14 Dec 07 (Sat) Building custom fibers library in F#
#15 Dec 08 (Sun) FSharp noob’s 4 minute overview of development test workflows
#16 Dec 08 (Sun) Introduction to types – how to program safely from one checkpoint to another
#17 Dec 09 (Mon) John Azariah Lego, Railway Tracks and Origami – Post 1
#18 Dec 09 (Mon) Ian Russell Functional Validation in F# using Applicatives
#19 Dec 10 (Tue) Florian Verdonck Using Create React App with Fable
#20 Dec 10 (Tue) Finding Bacon Numbers using Azure Cosmos DB and F#
#21 Dec 11 (Wed) Tim Forkmann Keep track of your Christmas present production with Chia and Azure Event Hubs
#22 Dec 11 (Wed) Creating a Lego Mindstorms DSL in F#
#23 Dec 12 (Thu) Active Parsers
#24 Dec 12 (Thu) Joe Tremblay A Journey Towards Functional Programming
#25 Dec 13 (Fri) Dave Curylo Azure Alerts to Slack with F#
#26 Dec 13 (Fri) Full F# Blog – Part 3
#27 Dec 14 (Sat) Krzysztof Madej DB deployments with FAKE tool
#28 Dec 14 (Sat) Tom Dodson [cancelled]
extra Dec 14 (Sat) Isaac Abraham Announcing a VS Code and Ionide video series
#29 Dec 15 (Sun) Matt Eland A .NET Manager’s Perspective on F#
#30 Dec 15 (Sun) Kai Ito Type safe SQL Queries using Rezoom.SQL
extra Dec 15 (Sun) Tonino Lucca Transport Tycoon DDD exercises
#31 Dec 16 (Mon) Kevin Avignon Experiments and Adventures in 2019 with F#
#32 Dec 16 (Mon) Mark Pattison Fable Reversi
extra Dec 16 (Mon) Chris Roff Functional BDD Part 2: The Gherkin Type Provider
#33 Dec 17 (Tue) Kunjan Dalal F# on Jupyter
#34 Dec 17 (Tue) Loïc Denuzière Managing page-specific models in Elmish
extra Dec 17 (Tue) Advanced F# Interop
#35 Dec 18 (Wed) Mark Allibone Creating a Fabulous Xamarin app on a budget using F# Data
#36 Dec 18 (Wed)
extra Dec 18 (Wed) dotnetlinux (a bad named repo…)
#37 Dec 19 (Thu) Reed Copsey, Jr. F# Basics – From loops to folds
#38 Dec 19 (Thu) ValidationBlocks
extra Dec 19 (Thu) Use machine learning to categorize web links with F# and ML.NET
#39 Dec 20 (Fri) Scott Wlaschin Against Railway-Oriented Programming
#40 Dec 20 (Fri) Evgeniy Andreev [may be delayed]
extra Dec 20 (Fri) Introduction to F# Type Providers
#41 Dec 21 (Sat) Timothé Larivière How to become a Fabulous developer
#42 Dec 21 (Sat) Riccardo Terrell Distributed Fractal Image processing with Akka.Net Clustering and Docker
extra Dec 21 (Sat) [delayed]
#43 Dec 22 (Sun) Dave Shaw Xmas List Parser
#44 Dec 22 (Sun) Eriawan Kusumawardho Revisiting Windows Forms and WPF in F# on .NET Core 3.1
extra Dec 22 (Sun) Paweł Stadnicki [delayed]
#45 Dec 23 (Mon) @TeaDrivenDev Paying It F#rward
#46 Dec 23 (Mon) Building a Simple Recommendation System in FSharp
extra Dec 23 (Mon) Use the F#orce
#47 Dec 24 (Tue) David Nazarov [delayed]
#48 Dec 24 (Tue) F# metablogging: introducing BlogEngine for your static markdown-based F# blog
extra Dec 24 (Tue) Using FAKE in a Build Server
#49 Dec 25 (Wed) Elliott V. Brown Dawn of the F# Domain Types
extra Dec 25 (Wed) Chester Burbidge Automating .net library versioning – Syntactic Versioning
#50 Dec 26 (Thu) Ronald Schlenker Jingle Bells: Music in F#
#51 Dec 27 (Fri) Steve Smock Getting Scores and Runners-Up in ML.NET Multiclass Applications
#52 Dec 28 (Sat) Fun with Languages and Pattern Matching!
#53 Dec 29 (Sun) Roman Sachse Getting rid of null – Is Maybe an Option Episode 1/3
#54 Dec 30 (Mon) Michael Kohl Learning F# — Writing A Ray Tracer
#55 Dec 31 (Tue) Brett Rowberry My F# Path Continues
#56 Jan 01 (Wed) FSSF Welcome to 2020!


44 thoughts on “F# Advent Calendar in English 2019

  1. Sign me up for December 31st please: The State of Type Provders in .NET Core 3

    Brett Rowberry


  2. Sign me up for Dec 27. Since I don’t have a Twitter account, I will rely on a surrogate, probably Stachu Korick.

      1. Hi Sergey,

        Something came up and I won’t have the time to put up a high quality post this weekend. I see there is an extra person for that day anyway. Can you please remove me from the schedule? I will try to be more organized for next year.

        Thanks, Tom

  3. Hi Sergey – can I have the extra 16th December slot…more functional BDD !

      1. Ok got it, 26th would be too early for me so I’ll just wait to see if an extra slot comes up at the end of the year. If not you can just include it next weekly

  4. Hi, my post will be slighly delayed but definately will take place this week. I changed my mind about the subject too frequently. Now I’m in the middle

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