F# Advent Calendar in English 2022

F# Advent Calendar is a long tradition in the F# community

That inspired the C# Advent Calendar, Q# Advent Calendar, and many others.

Christmas is approaching again, and now is the time to prepare our spirit for it with the goodness of F#. Please join, reserve one of 56 slots, and spread your thoughts and love to F# with the community.

Join F# Advent Calendar today!


  1. Choose F# a related topic for your blog post and reserve the slot on Twitter, Mastodon or leave a comment on this post. Please note that you do not have to announce the topic until the date (but you can).
  2. Prepare a blog post in English.
  3. Publish your post on a specified date (according to the calendar).
  4. Post the link to your post on Twitter or Mastodon with hashtags #fsharp and #FsAdvent.

Advent fun with F# and Advent of Code

ID Date Author Post Title
#2201 Dec 01 (Thu) Fast F# Fast Iteration of Set Bits in BitSet
#2202 Dec 01 (Thu) Mårten Rånge Recreating ST-NICC 2000 1st place demo in F#
#2203 Dec 02 (Fri) Urs Enzler Our journey to F#: C#-F# Interop
#2204 Dec 02 (Fri) @LOGAN Implementing General Computation
#2205 Dec 03 (Sat) Steve Goguen
#2206 Dec 03 (Sat) Ben Copeland
#2207 Dec 04 (Sun) Mathias Brandewinder
#2208 Dec 04 (Sun) Denis Bobrov
#2209 Dec 05 (Mon) Nick Blair
#2210 Dec 05 (Mon) Einar Norðfjörð
#2211 Dec 06 (Tue) Paweł Stadnicki
#2212 Dec 06 (Tue) John Azariah
#2213 Dec 07 (Wed) Teerawat Wuttiwat
#2214 Dec 07 (Wed) Hamilton Greene
#2215 Dec 08 (Thu) @bmitc_
#2216 Dec 08 (Thu) Enes Poyraz
#2217 Dec 09 (Fri) @dawe
#2218 Dec 09 (Fri) Mark Pattison
#2219 Dec 10 (Sat) @jannik
#2220 Dec 10 (Sat) Michal Nebes
#2221 Dec 11 (Sun) Edgar Gonzalez
#2222 Dec 11 (Sun) @Kim
#2223 Dec 12 (Mon) @Potatobatur
#2224 Dec 12 (Mon) Tom Banham
#2225 Dec 13 (Tue) Jimmy Byrd
#2226 Dec 13 (Tue) @jkone27
#2227 Dec 14 (Wed) Christophe Moinard
#2228 Dec 14 (Wed) Nick Corlett
#2229 Dec 15 (Thu) József Uri
#2230 Dec 15 (Thu) Damian Płaza
#2231 Dec 16 (Fri) Angel Munoz
#2232 Dec 16 (Fri) Atle Rudshaug
#2233 Dec 17 (Sat) Kunjan Dalal
#2234 Dec 17 (Sat) Fran González
#2235 Dec 18 (Sun) Constantin Tews
#2236 Dec 18 (Sun) Phillip Carter
#2237 Dec 19 (Mon) Ian Russell
#2238 Dec 19 (Mon) David Glassborow
#2239 Dec 20 (Tue) Bartosz Sypytkowski
#2240 Dec 20 (Tue) Stachu Korick
#2241 Dec 21 (Wed) Luis Quintanilla
#2242 Dec 21 (Wed) Flavio Colavecchia
#2243 Dec 22 (Thu) Florian Verdonck
#2244 Dec 22 (Thu) Sean G. Wright & Kyle McMaster
#2245 Dec 23 (Fri) Mukund Raghav Sharma (Moko)
#2246 Dec 23 (Fri) András Jankó
#2247 Dec 24 (Sat) Paweł Stadnicki
#2248 Dec 24 (Sat) @Kirk
#2249 Dec 25 (Sun) @BigX_
#2250 Dec 26 (Mon) Eriawan
#2251 Dec 27 (Tue) David Dawkins
#2252 Dec 28 (Wed) Alfonso Garcia-Caro
extra Dec 28 (Wed) Marius Fersigan
#2253 Dec 29 (Thu) Adam Granicz
#2254 Dec 30 (Fri) Matt Eland
#2255 Dec 31 (Sat) Kai Ito
#2256 Jan 01 (Sun) FSSF

28 thoughts on “F# Advent Calendar in English 2022

  1. Hello. Thanks for another year of the F# advent calendar. As in previous years, could I please have December 31st?


    1. Hi Sergey!

      Could I have a go at the 16th of December? Hopefully I can come up with something by then.

  2. Hi Sergey,

    I’d love to participate on this F# advent but I have a question about it.

    I already have a subject I wanted to share on my blog, but it is a serie (maybe 4-5 blog posts) and it is 50% F# and 50% explaining the domain. Do you think it can fit in the F# advent ?

    (And thanks a lot for your work, I read your F# Weekly since several years now, I really enjoy it 🙂 )

    1. Hi, yes I can fit. Let’s book the date for one post from that series (it should have some F#) and on this page I will link the whole series as your contribution.

      1. Hi,

        I’ll take the 14th of december if possible.

  3. Hello Sergey,

    New F# developer here (you can thank Kai Ito for my participation) and I’d like to reserve the slot on Dec 11th.

    The topic would be ‘From C# to F# in 30 days’.

    Thanks for the effort in keeping this up.

    Happy Holidays!

    1. It is already divorced because you can leave a comment here to join and post link to your post as well.

      Update: also added Mastodon as an option, why not.

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