F# Advent Calendar in English 2016

Update (11/28/2016): Dear writers, this year we are going to make an e-book from #FsAdvent posts and to raise money for a good cause (read more here). If you do not allow to use your post, please let me know.

F# Advent Calendar is an adorable idea, which has become a tradition:

Each year we’ve had an incredible Advent full of F# and Christmas spirit.

Advent 2016 is coming, do not to lose your chance to reserve a spot and spread your thoughts and love to F# with the community. Have you done something special this year? Do you have any unique experience you are willing to share? Have your project incredibly evolved this year? Are there any good ideas for the post, but you didn’t have time to write it? The time has come – it is right now! You have a chance to share your story with the globe! Join F# Advent Calendar and hurry up!


Rules are very simple:

  1. Choose F# related topic for your blog post and reserve the date on Twitter or leave a comment to this post. Please note that you do not have to announce the topic until the date.
  2. Prepare a blog post in English
  3. Publish your post on a specified date (according to the calendar)
  4. Post the link to your post on Twitter with hashtags #fsharp and #FsAdvent.


Date Author Post Title
Nov 27 (Sun) Anthony Lloyd Functional Event Sourcing meets The Elm Architecture
Nov 27 (Sun) Rick Pack  F# Data Visualization for a Neophyte – CDC Open Data
Nov 28 (Mon) Mark Seemann Easy domain modelling with types
Nov 28 (Mon) Bill Berry Introduction to Azure IoT with Fsharp
Nov 29 (Tue) Mikhail Shilkov Introducing Stream Processing in F#
Nov 29 (Tue) josesoyo Using OpenCL on F# via FSCL
Nov 30 (Wed) Alfonso Garcia-Caro Tree Shaking with Fable
Nov 30 (Wed) Jeremy Bellows NeuralFish – Evolving Neural Topologies in F#
Dec 01 (Thu) Steffen Forkmann Context matters
Dec 01 (Thu) Ramón Soto Mathiesen Semantic Versioning .NET libraries and NuGet packages
Dec 02 (Fri) Chet Husk A Host of Issues: Migrating from UserVoice To GitHub Issues with Canopy and OctoKit.net
Dec 02 (Fri) Kristian Schmidt F# in Production
Dec 03 (Sat) Henrik Feldt A gentle introduction to programming networked services on linux
Dec 04 (Sun) Jérémie Chassaing fck: Fake Construction Kit
Dec 04 (Sun) Phillip Trelford X-Platform Development With Xamarin.Forms And F#
Dec 05 (Mon) Scott Wlaschin Functional approaches to dependency injection
Dec 05 (Mon) Rachel Reese Using type providers to post slack messages
Dec 06 (Tue) Daniel Bachler Using F# on both the frontend and the backend
Dec 06 (Tue) Mark Heath  Asterisk Game in F# and WPF
Dec 07 (Wed) Edgar Sánchez Describing images in your favorite human language
Dec 07 (Wed) András Jankó Distributed web applications in F# with WebSharper
Dec 08 (Thu) Hussam Abu-Libdeh How F# delighted this newbie while experimenting with distributed systems
Dec 08 (Thu) Jonathan Leaver RdKafka for F# Microservices
Dec 09 (Fri) Doug Bruce Build Yourself a Robo-Advisor in F#. Part I : Domain Modelling
Dec 09 (Fri) Gergely Kalapos myTrades.Analytics – a netstandard compatible .NET technical analysis library written in F#
Dec 10 (Sat) Mårten Rånge F# Advent – December 10, 2016 – Implementing a persistent hash map
Dec 10 (Sat) Erik Schierboom Parsing text in F#
Dec 11 (Sun) Matt Olson An Introduction To Testing Suave WebParts
Dec 11 (Sun) Jeremy Abbott Merry Monad Xmas
Dec 12 (Mon) Pierre Irrmann Some advice to F# beginners
Dec 12 (Mon) Pierre-Luc Maheu Scripting in F# using Fake and Paket
Dec 13 (Tue) Roman Provazník Building F# community in Czech Republic
Dec 13 (Tue) Isak Sky Working with SQL syntax trees in F#
Dec 14 (Wed) Troy Kershaw The AsyncArrow
Dec 15 (Thu) Reed Copsey, Jr. Christmas Trees in WPF, 2016 Edition 
Dec 15 (Thu) Dustin Moris Gorski Running Suave in ASP.NET Core (and on top of Kestrel)
Dec 16 (Fri) Michael Newton Advent 2016 (It has a pretty d3 force graph at the end, FParsec examples and other good stuff)
Dec 17 (Sat) Kunjan Dalal Epic Adventure using F#
Dec 17 (Sat) Jan Schiefer Accessing native C libraries on Linux with F# and .Net Core
Dec 19 (Mon) Tomasz Heimowski Creating a tutorial from Git repo
Dec 19 (Mon) Tomasz Jaskuλa Data structures and algorithms – helping Santa Claus find his road to San Francisco
Dec 20 (Tue) Тэ дрэвэт утвикλэрэн Feeding On F#
Dec 20 (Tue) Vagif Abilov reF#actoring: rewriting an actor in F#
Dec 21 (Wed) Riccardo Terrell The Traveling Santa Problem… a Neural Network solution
Dec 21 (Wed) Elastic Inc Solidifying Releases with FAKE (F# MAKE)
Dec 22 (Thu) David Podhola Hello fable-import-sharepoint
Dec 23 (Fri) Carsten König Advent with a Star
Dec 23 (Fri) kekyo2 About Expandable F# Compiler project
Dec 24 (Sat) Roman Nevolin The magic of type providers
Dec 24 (Sat) Ross McKinlay + Andrea McAts When Playstation meets F#, PSX |> Pi
Dec 25 (Sun) Jamie Dixon Age and Sex Analysis Of Microsoft USA MVPs
Dec 25 (Sun) Leif Battermann Purity in an impure language with the free monad – by example of a Tic-Tac-Toe backend with CQRS and event sourcing
Dec 26 (Mon) Tamizh Vendan Implementing Two-Factor Authentication in Suave
Dec 26 (Mon) Marcel Schwark Implementing Pong in a functional manner with Fable
Dec 27 (Tue) Jon Wood Getting Up and Running with FsLab for Data Science 
Dec 29 (Thu) Eriawan Kusumawardho F# Advent: F# 4.0 function first constructor
Dec 30 (Fri) Paulmichael Blasucci Tips & Tricks to Improve Your F# Library’s Public API
Dec 31 (Sat) Adam Granicz Simple reactive scenarios with WebSharper
Jan 01 (Sun) F# Software Foundation Welcome to 2017! A retrospective of the past year

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