F# Advent Calendar in English 2018

Update 2018/10/29: The vote showed that there is a demand for extra F# Advent slots, so I am going to follow suggestion from Reed Copsey and add new slots in portions. We will start from slot for [Dec 18 – Dec 24] week, and when they are filled I will add slots for [Dec 11 – Dec 17], then for [Dec 2 – Dec 10] and finally [Dec 25-Dec 31].

F# Advent Calendar is a long tradition in F# community

that became an inspiration for C# Advent Calendar and for Q# Advent Calendar.

Advent 2018 is coming, this year we have 54 free slots. Please join, reserve a slot and spread your thoughts and love to F# with the community. A lot of amazing initiatives developed this year: F# 4.5, Fable2, Giraffe & Zebra, Fabulous, Saturn, TP SDK for .NET Core, FAKE 5, Early History of F#, Don Syme finally became F# Hero and much more!

Join F# Advent Calendar today!


  1. Choose F# related topic for your blog post and reserve the slot on Twitter or leave a comment to this post. Please note that you do not have to announce the topic until the date (but you can).
  2. Prepare a blog post in English
  3. Publish your post on a specified date (according to the calendar)
  4. Post the link to your post on Twitter with hashtags #fsharp and #FsAdvent.


ID Date Author Post Title
#01 Dec 02 (Sun) Stachu Korick WTF is WTF#?
#02 Dec 02 (Sun) Steve Shogren F# Domain Design: Interdependent Enums and Booleans
#03 Dec 03 (Mon) A. Prooks Orleans with F# story
#04 Dec 03 (Mon) Andrew Olney Fable Tekno – Use body tracking to drive music synthesis in the browser
#05 Dec 04 (Tue) Abhijay Eshwar
#06 Dec 04 (Tue) John Azariah F# & Q# – A tale of two languages
#07 Dec 05 (Wed) Ryan Riley State Transitions through Sequence Diagrams
#08 Dec 05 (Wed) Olya Three.js + F# + Fable = ❤
#09 Dec 06 (Thu) Dave Thomas Building a CPU Emulator with Fable 2.1
#10 Dec 06 (Thu) Willie Tetlow A Christmas Classifier
#11 Dec 07 (Fri) Jérémie Chassaing Full F# Blog (Part 2)
#12 Dec 07 (Fri) Edgar Sánchez Gordón
extra Dec 07 (Fri) Akos Lukacs Strongly typed HTML templates with FSharp without a framework
#13 Dec 08 (Sat) Devon Burriss Review: F# unit testing frameworks and libraries
#14 Dec 08 (Sat) Grzegorz Dziadkiewicz
#15 Dec 09 (Sun) Chet Husk The crafting of a Figurine, or how to make a library in the new Dotnet SDK world
#16 Dec 09 (Sun) Jeremy Abbott FAKE 5 Migration Cheat Sheet
extra Dec 09 (Sun) Adam Granicz From enterprise to next-generation web: celebrating 11 years with WebSharper
#17 Dec 10 (Mon) Mark Seemann Danish CPR numbers in F#
#18 Dec 10 (Mon) Clément Boudereau Christmas Day 2018 weather forecast (5 next days)
extra Dec 10 (Mon) Gerard SkyLight: Composable UI Hackery with WPF
#19 Dec 11 (Tue) Dustin Moris Gorski Why you should learn F#
#20 Dec 11 (Tue) Jimmy Byrd (Ab)using Disposables for Integration Testing
extra Dec 11 (Tue) TK, Open Sourceror
#21 Dec 12 (Wed) Dave Lowe F# Fantasy Football
#22 Dec 12 (Wed) Tonino Lucca Porting a simple toy app to Elmish
extra Dec 12 (Wed) Paweł Stadnicki Smart City solutions with Fable/F# (Part I)
#23 Dec 13 (Thu) John Stovin
#24 Dec 13 (Thu) Gareth Hubball Streaming F#
extra Dec 13 (Thu) Garth Fritz Getting My Team Hooked on FAKE
#25 Dec 14 (Fri) Tomasz Heimowski SAFE Template – a year retrospective
#26 Dec 14 (Fri) Anthony Lloyd MapSlim – From DictionarySlim to Fsion
extra Dec 14 (Fri) Chris Roff Functional BDD
#27 Dec 15 (Sat) davidglassborow Answering the phone, functionally, again
#28 Dec 15 (Sat) Luis Quintanilla The Case for Doing Machine Learning with F#
extra Dec 15 (Sat) Paweł Bańka Functional imperative, functional declarative
#29 Dec 16 (Sun) Tomasz Jaskuλa Parallel Scan Left in F#
#30 Dec 16 (Sun) Dag Brattli Reactivity in F#
extra Dec 16 (Sun) Maxime Mangel My tips for working with Elmish
#31 Dec 17 (Mon) Kunjan Dalal Tensorflow with Fable-Elmish. A Failed Try
#32 Dec 17 (Mon) Tamizh Vendan Model Binding in Suave and Saturn
extra Dec 17 (Mon) Gien Verschatse My F# aesthetics
#33 Dec 18 (Tue) Reed Copsey, Jr. 2018 Christmas Trees – Cross Platform Edition using Avalonia
#34 Dec 18 (Tue) Justin Hewlett Where’s my Early Return?
extra Dec 18 (Tue) Bob Millar
#35 Dec 19 (Wed) Roman Provazník Event Sourcing – Step by step in F#
#36 Dec 19 (Wed) Florian Verdonck Writing a VS Code extension with Fable 2.1
extra Dec 19 (Wed) Jamie Dixon Animations in Xamarin Forms (XF)
#37 Dec 20 (Thu) Scott Wlaschin Why F# is the best enterprise language
#38 Dec 20 (Thu) Mikhail Shilkov A Fairy Tale of F# and Durable Functions
extra Dec 20 (Thu) Brett Rowberry My Path to F#
#39 Dec 21 (Fri) Evgeniy Andreev Shortest introduction to the compiler design
#40 Dec 21 (Fri) Dave Shaw Santa’s Xmas List in F# and Fable
extra Dec 21 (Fri) Leandro Miranda
#41 Dec 22 (Sat) Caio Proiete
#42 Dec 22 (Sat) Eriawan Kusumawardho F# state in December 2018
extra Dec 22 (Sat) The Whitetigle Even more interop with Fable
#43 Dec 23 (Sun) Roman Sachse Event Sourcing – Do it yourself
#44 Dec 23 (Sun) Riccardo Terrell How to parse a high rate stream of data with low memory allocation
extra Dec 23 (Sun) MokoSan An Introduction to Probabilistic Programming in FSharp
#45 Dec 24 (Mon) Jim Bennett Fabulous Santa Tracker
#46 Dec 24 (Mon) Ashish Vegaraju Function Purity in F#
extra Dec 24 (Mon) Indy Garcia Evolutionary Hyper Parameter optimisation with FSharp, Keras/Tensorflow
#47 Dec 25 (Tue) Isaac Abraham Parsing Excel with F#
#48 Dec 26 (Wed) Jindřich Ivánek My F# space adventure
#49 Dec 27 (Thu) Jason Down CodinGame Contests Meet F#
#50 Dec 28 (Fri) Jack Fox Type All the Things
#51 Dec 29 (Sat) Eelco Mulder Why I like F# over C# – Less Noise
#52 Dec 30 (Sun) Mikhail Smal Navigation with Fable.Elmish
#53 Dec 31 (Mon) Kai Ito Fable React is nice. But what about Fable Preact?
#54 Jan 01 (Tue) FSSF Welcome to 2019!


42 thoughts on “F# Advent Calendar in English 2018

  1. Hi. Can I participate even without a twitter? If yes, could I please get Dec 31st? Thanks

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