F# Advent Calendar in English 2018

Update 2018/10/29: The vote showed that there is a demand for extra F# Advent slots, so I am going to follow suggestion from Reed Copsey and add new slots in portions. We will start from slot for [Dec 18 – Dec 24] week, and when they are filled I will add slots for [Dec 11 – Dec 17], then for [Dec 2 – Dec 10] and finally [Dec 25-Dec 31].

F# Advent Calendar is a long tradition in F# community

that became an inspiration for C# Advent Calendar and for Q# Advent Calendar.

Advent 2018 is coming, this year we have 54 free slots. Please join, reserve a slot and spread your thoughts and love to F# with the community. A lot of amazing initiatives developed this year: F# 4.5, Fable2, Giraffe & Zebra, Fabulous, Saturn, TP SDK for .NET Core, FAKE 5, Early History of F#, Don Syme finally became F# Hero and much more!

Join F# Advent Calendar today!


  1. Choose F# related topic for your blog post and reserve the slot on Twitter or leave a comment to this post. Please note that you do not have to announce the topic until the date (but you can).
  2. Prepare a blog post in English
  3. Publish your post on a specified date (according to the calendar)
  4. Post the link to your post on Twitter with hashtags #fsharp and #FsAdvent.


ID Date Author Post Title
#01 Dec 02 (Sun) Stachu Korick WTF is WTF#?
#02 Dec 02 (Sun) Steve Shogren F# Domain Design: Interdependent Enums and Booleans
#03 Dec 03 (Mon) A. Prooks Orleans with F# story
#04 Dec 03 (Mon) Andrew Olney Fable Tekno – Use body tracking to drive music synthesis in the browser
#05 Dec 04 (Tue) Abhijay Eshwar
#06 Dec 04 (Tue) John Azariah F# & Q# – A tale of two languages
#07 Dec 05 (Wed) Ryan Riley State Transitions through Sequence Diagrams
#08 Dec 05 (Wed) Olya Three.js + F# + Fable = ❤
#09 Dec 06 (Thu) Dave Thomas Building a CPU Emulator with Fable 2.1
#10 Dec 06 (Thu) Willie Tetlow A Christmas Classifier
#11 Dec 07 (Fri) Jérémie Chassaing Full F# Blog (Part 2)
#12 Dec 07 (Fri) Edgar Sánchez Gordón
extra Dec 07 (Fri) Akos Lukacs Strongly typed HTML templates with FSharp without a framework
#13 Dec 08 (Sat) Devon Burriss Review: F# unit testing frameworks and libraries
#14 Dec 08 (Sat) Grzegorz Dziadkiewicz
#15 Dec 09 (Sun) Chet Husk The crafting of a Figurine, or how to make a library in the new Dotnet SDK world
#16 Dec 09 (Sun) Jeremy Abbott FAKE 5 Migration Cheat Sheet
extra Dec 09 (Sun) Adam Granicz From enterprise to next-generation web: celebrating 11 years with WebSharper
#17 Dec 10 (Mon) Mark Seemann Danish CPR numbers in F#
#18 Dec 10 (Mon) Clément Boudereau Christmas Day 2018 weather forecast (5 next days)
extra Dec 10 (Mon) Gerard SkyLight: Composable UI Hackery with WPF
#19 Dec 11 (Tue) Dustin Moris Gorski Why you should learn F#
#20 Dec 11 (Tue) Jimmy Byrd (Ab)using Disposables for Integration Testing
extra Dec 11 (Tue) TK, Open Sourceror
#21 Dec 12 (Wed) Dave Lowe F# Fantasy Football
#22 Dec 12 (Wed) Tonino Lucca Porting a simple toy app to Elmish
extra Dec 12 (Wed) Paweł Stadnicki Smart City solutions with Fable/F# (Part I)
#23 Dec 13 (Thu) John Stovin
#24 Dec 13 (Thu) Gareth Hubball Streaming F#
extra Dec 13 (Thu) Garth Fritz Getting My Team Hooked on FAKE
#25 Dec 14 (Fri) Tomasz Heimowski SAFE Template – a year retrospective
#26 Dec 14 (Fri) Anthony Lloyd MapSlim – From DictionarySlim to Fsion
extra Dec 14 (Fri) Chris Roff Functional BDD
#27 Dec 15 (Sat) davidglassborow Answering the phone, functionally, again
#28 Dec 15 (Sat) Luis Quintanilla The Case for Doing Machine Learning with F#
extra Dec 15 (Sat) Paweł Bańka Functional imperative, functional declarative
#29 Dec 16 (Sun) Tomasz Jaskuλa Parallel Scan Left in F#
#30 Dec 16 (Sun) Dag Brattli Reactivity in F#
extra Dec 16 (Sun) Maxime Mangel My tips for working with Elmish
#31 Dec 17 (Mon) Kunjan Dalal Tensorflow with Fable-Elmish. A Failed Try
#32 Dec 17 (Mon) Tamizh Vendan Model Binding in Suave and Saturn
extra Dec 17 (Mon) Gien Verschatse My F# aesthetics
#33 Dec 18 (Tue) Reed Copsey, Jr. 2018 Christmas Trees – Cross Platform Edition using Avalonia
#34 Dec 18 (Tue) Justin Hewlett Where’s my Early Return?
extra Dec 18 (Tue) Bob Millar
#35 Dec 19 (Wed) Roman Provazník Event Sourcing – Step by step in F#
#36 Dec 19 (Wed) Florian Verdonck Writing a VS Code extension with Fable 2.1
extra Dec 19 (Wed) Jamie Dixon Animations in Xamarin Forms (XF)
#37 Dec 20 (Thu) Scott Wlaschin Why F# is the best enterprise language
#38 Dec 20 (Thu) Mikhail Shilkov A Fairy Tale of F# and Durable Functions
extra Dec 20 (Thu) Brett Rowberry My Path to F#
#39 Dec 21 (Fri) Evgeniy Andreev Shortest introduction to the compiler design
#40 Dec 21 (Fri) Dave Shaw Santa’s Xmas List in F# and Fable
extra Dec 21 (Fri) Leandro Miranda
#41 Dec 22 (Sat) Caio Proiete
#42 Dec 22 (Sat) Eriawan Kusumawardho F# state in December 2018
extra Dec 22 (Sat) The Whitetigle Even more interop with Fable
#43 Dec 23 (Sun) Roman Sachse Event Sourcing – Do it yourself
#44 Dec 23 (Sun) Riccardo Terrell How to parse a high rate stream of data with low memory allocation
extra Dec 23 (Sun) MokoSan An Introduction to Probabilistic Programming in FSharp
#45 Dec 24 (Mon) Jim Bennett Fabulous Santa Tracker
#46 Dec 24 (Mon) Ashish Vegaraju Function Purity in F#
extra Dec 24 (Mon) Indy Garcia Evolutionary Hyper Parameter optimisation with FSharp, Keras/Tensorflow
#47 Dec 25 (Tue) Isaac Abraham Parsing Excel with F#
#48 Dec 26 (Wed) Jindřich Ivánek My F# space adventure
#49 Dec 27 (Thu) Jason Down CodinGame Contests Meet F#
#50 Dec 28 (Fri) Jack Fox Type All the Things
#51 Dec 29 (Sat) Eelco Mulder Why I like F# over C# – Less Noise
#52 Dec 30 (Sun) Mikhail Smal Navigation with Fable.Elmish
#53 Dec 31 (Mon) Kai Ito Fable React is nice. But what about Fable Preact?
#54 Jan 01 (Tue) FSSF Welcome to 2019!


44 thoughts on “F# Advent Calendar in English 2018

    1. Yes, sure, Dec 6th is booked for you.
      Could you please share the link to you Twitter account or to the blog where the post will be?
      Thank you

  1. Hi. Can I participate even without a twitter? If yes, could I please get Dec 31st? Thanks

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