Stanford Word Segmenter is available on NuGet

Update (2014, January 3): Links and/or samples in this post might be outdated. The latest version of samples are available on new Stanford.NLP.NET site.


Tokenization of raw text is a standard pre-processing step for many NLP tasks. For English, tokenization usually involves punctuation splitting and separation of some affixes like possessives. Other languages require more extensive token pre-processing, which is usually called segmentation.

The Stanford Word Segmenter currently supports Arabic and Chinese. The provided segmentation schemes have been found to work well for a variety of applications.

One more tool from Stanford NLP Software Package become ready on NuGet today. It is a Stanford Word Segmenter. This is a fourth one Stanford NuGet package published by me, previous ones were a “Stanford Parser“, “Stanford Named Entity Recognizer (NER)” and “Stanford Log-linear Part-Of-Speech Tagger“. Please follow next steps to get started:

F# Sample

For more details see source code on GitHub.

open java.util

let main argv =
if (argv.Length <> 1) then
printf "usage: StanfordSegmenter.Csharp.Samples.exe filename"
let props = Properties();
props.setProperty("sighanCorporaDict", @"..\..\..\..\temp\stanford-segmenter-2013-06-20\data") |> ignore
props.setProperty("serDictionary", @"..\..\..\..\temp\stanford-segmenter-2013-06-20\data\dict-chris6.ser.gz") |> ignore
props.setProperty("testFile", argv.[0]) |> ignore
props.setProperty("inputEncoding", "UTF-8") |> ignore
props.setProperty("sighanPostProcessing", "true") |> ignore

let segmenter = CRFClassifier(props)
segmenter.loadClassifierNoExceptions(@"..\..\..\..\temp\stanford-segmenter-2013-06-20\data\ctb.gz", props)

C# Sample

For more details see source code on GitHub.

using java.util;

namespace StanfordSegmenter.Csharp.Samples
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
if (args.Length != 1)
System.Console.WriteLine("usage: StanfordSegmenter.Csharp.Samples.exe filename");

var props = new Properties();
props.setProperty("sighanCorporaDict", @"..\..\..\..\temp\stanford-segmenter-2013-06-20\data");
props.setProperty("serDictionary", @"..\..\..\..\temp\stanford-segmenter-2013-06-20\data\dict-chris6.ser.gz");
props.setProperty("testFile", args[0]);
props.setProperty("inputEncoding", "UTF-8");
props.setProperty("sighanPostProcessing", "true");

var segmenter = new CRFClassifier(props);
segmenter.loadClassifierNoExceptions(@"..\..\..\..\temp\stanford-segmenter-2013-06-20\data\ctb.gz", props);

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