FSharp.NLP.Stanford.Parser available on NuGet

There are two good news for all F# NLP lovers.

News #1: Using The Stanford Parser from F# is easier than it has ever been.

From now, the latest version(v3.2.0.0) of The Stanford Parser is available on Nuget.

All you need to do is:

  1. Install-Package FSharp.NLP.Stanford.Parser
  2. Download models from The Stanford NLP Group site.
  3. Extract models from stanford-parser-3.2.0-models.jar‘ (just unzip it)
  4. You are ready to start.

If you need examples, please look at my previous post ‘NLP: Stanford Parser with F# (.NET)‘.

News #2: FSharp.NLP.Stanford.Parser is first ever attempt to build strongly typed, self descriptive Penn Treebank II Tags model using power of F# Discriminated Unions and Active Patterns.


Enjoy it and feel free to share your feedback.

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