Some words on #nugate

The sad truth

The Cockney Coder

As the author of what is now becoming an infamous PR, I thought that it’d be an idea to document my thoughts regarding both my motivations for it, as well as my thoughts on the reactions to it from all sides since then.

What’s #nugate?

tl;dr – a tiny and innocuous PR to the NuGet gallery that showed how to install NuGet packages when using Paket was closed abruptly by the NuGet team with an inadequate explanation, and then apparently ignored, despite large community feedback.

The Paket PR

Just a bit of background first on the PR. The idea came when looking at the new version of the NuGet site (which looks much nicer than the current one, I must say) and noticing a “tab view” for how to add a given package to your solution using either NuGet or the dotnet CLI. I thought that this might be…

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