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1setwd("C:GitR4DotNet") 2 3#y = x1 + x2 + x3 + E 4#y is what you are trying explain 5#x1, x2, x3 are the variables that cause/influence y 6#E is things that we are not measuring/ using for calculations 7 8fuel.efficiency <- read.csv("C:/Git/R4DotNet/Data/FuelEfficiency.csv") 9summary(fuel.efficiency) 1011#MPG = Miles per gallon12#GPM = Gallons per 100 miles13#WT = Weight of car in 1000 lbs14#DIS = Displacment in cubic inches15#NC = number of cylinders16#HP = Horsepower17#ACC = Acceleration in seconds from 0-6018#ET = Engine Type 0 = V, 1 = Straight1920plot(GPM~WT,data=fuel.efficiency) 21plot(GPM~DIS,data=fuel.efficiency) 2223fuel.efficiency$NC <- factor(fuel.efficiency$NC) 24fuel.efficiency$ET <-

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