Notes from .NET Meetup #4 & F# ad

Today I first visited an event from .NET User Group Minsk.NET Meetup #4 in Imaguru startup hub. I was quite surprised by F# questions from audience!

The first speaker Dmitriy Gurskiy told us a history of creation EPAM‘s Microsoft Technology Radar (that is unfortunately not public yet). A first F# question was asked here “Where is F#(and all this functional stuff) on this radar?”.  Alas, but F# was not there.

The second speaker Alius Petraška (a guest from Lithuania) showed up how to start developing with Windows Azure. Some technical issues with Wi-Fi were there, but it was funny.

The last and third speaker Maxim Paulousky shared news from BUILD 2014 and his impressions from this event. At the end of his talk, he also got some questions about F#: “What was announced about F#?”, “What plans Microsoft has for F#?” and “Why we do not have F# projects in Minsk?”.

It was really unexpected to hear so much interest to F#. Nice to know that F# is interesting for people.

For those who interested in F#, I want to tell that we have Minsk F# User Group: you can join us on, join our Facebook group, join our Skype group or follow #fsharp on Twitter.

P.S. Thank for the event to all organizers. It was cute.

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