Twitter Pulse #fsharp 2013

F# Twitter Pulse 2013

Previously I have published statistics about #fsharp twitter hashtag. This one is based on the tweets that I collected throughout the whole 2013 year. Every week while working on the F# weekly I have downloaded all tweets with hashtag #fsharp and pushed them to my local MongoDB. I managed to collect about 24000 tweets from more than 3000 twitter users.

The first picture on the top of this page is based on total twitter activity around #fsharp hashtag. The size of twitter names depends on sum number of people tweets and retweets. Other charts are self descriptive. Thank you guys for your effort, let’s make 2014 even better.




Michael Newton proposed an interesting idea: “Calculate number that measures F# community love”. I calculated number of retweets for each twitter account and divided it by number of unique tweets from this account (both with #fsharp hash tag). Finally, I excluded accounts who did less than 10 new tweets about F# in a year. Here it is:


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