F# for heating

Sometimes, when you feel really alone and want a bit of heat then F# can help you here.

All you need is a laptop and F#. Just type the following snippet into FSI and wait for a minute. =)

[|1..999|] |> Array.Parallel.iter (fun _ ->
    while true do ignore())

Wish you warm Christmas!

P.S. The same solution works when you are freezing.

Visual Studio minimap

When I saw a Sublime Text 2 with their features at first time – I loved that. One of my favorite feature is a minimap.  It is a simple but very powerful idea to replace scrollbar with minimized code map. Using this feature very easy navigate directly to where you want.

I wanna this feature for Visual Studio for sure. Fortunately, it is already there. It is a part of the Productivity Power Tools.

First of all we need to setup Productivity Power Tool using Visual Studio Extension Manager.

We need to enable this feature, because it is disabled by default.  Open Tool -> Options -> Productivity Power Tools, enable Enhanced Scroll Bar and restart your Visual Studio.

Choose ‘Full map mode‘ in the Productivity Power Tools->Enchanced Scroll Bar section.

You should see minimaps in your Visual Studio now. Enjoy it!!!