F# Weekly #15, 2017

Welcome to F# Weekly,

A roundup of F# content from this past week:


Videos (F# eXchange 2017, Day 1)


F# vNext

Open source projects

New Releases

That’s all for now. Have a great week.

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2 thoughts on “F# Weekly #15, 2017

  1. For “Some advice to F# beginners” (F# eXchange 2017): Yet again, another myopic view of what a “beginner” is. As with just about everything F# “out there”, there’s an assumption that to “start using F#”, one already has to be an accomplished programmer in “some other language” or an academic interested in functional programming. If you want F# to “get moving” then you need to address “beginners” in programming and application design – not just those who already have advanced or intermediate skills gained from another perspective and, also, forget the bitching about “functional” and accept that it can be part of the .NET platform. I may have wasted my time in writing a book about this subject but, at least, there is now “something” out there for “real” beginners.

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