F# Weekly #48, 2015

Welcome to F# Weekly,

A roundup of F# content from this past week:




F# vNext News 

Open source projects

  • SuaveAzureCloudService – Example project illustrating how to host Suave in an Azure Cloud Service.
  • Liquid – The Language-Integrated Quantum Operations (LIQUi|>) simulator
  • Hutton – F# implementation of Graham Hutton’s parser combinator library from chapter 8 of his book Programming in Haskell
  • Countdown – F# countdown problem implementation of chapter 11 of Graham Hutton’s book Programming in Haskell
  • diamondfscheck – The Diamond kata done with Property-Based Testing in F#
  • SentimentAnalysisDemo – Talk on sentiment analysis of tweets using F#
  • OctoProv – A very, very incomplete type provider for Octopus Deploy
  • FCor – F# Numerical Library
  • Persimmon.Dried – Random testing for Persimmon

New Releases

That’s all for now. Have a great week.

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