F# Weekly #46, 2015

Welcome to F# Weekly,

A roundup of F# content from this past week:




F# vNext News 

Open source projects

  • soma – F# Sql Oriented MApping framework
  • Exira.Route53Updater – a console application which updates a Route 53 record with the current EC2 hostname
  • ges-runner – Exira.EventStore.Runner is a wrapper that uses Topshelf to run EventStore as a Windows Service
  • fsharp.interop.dynamic – portable class library dynamic operator using the DLR
  • ionide-fsharp – Set of Atom plugins for F# development
  • TraktorAutoNextSong – A small tool for automatically finding next song to play when DJing using TraktorPro2
  • FSharp.Automaton – port of automaton
  • modelmod – A system for modifying art in games
  • codesize – Code size visualization tool with PDB/ELF/Mach-O support
  • argu – A declarative CLI argument/XML configuration parser for F#
  • visualfsharpdocs – Visual F# Tools documentation repo

New Releases

That’s all for now. Have a great week.

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