F# Advent Calendar in English 2015


Update(10/27/2015): There are a lot of people, who want to participate, so we’ve decided to extend the timeline and double number of slots. Please do not be shy and books free slots.

Last year we ran an amazing event “F# Advent Calendar in English 2014“. It was incredible December full of F# and Christmas spirit. Every day astonishing authors around the globe posted new F#-related articles. It was an extraordinary time.

December is close enough, so it is a good time to plan something special for F# Advent Calendar. Have you done something special this year? Do you have any unique experience you are willing to share? Have your project incredibly evolved this year? Are there any good ideas for the post, but you didn’t have time to write it? The time has come – it is right now! You have a chance to share your story with the globe! Join F# Advent Calendar and hurry up!


Rules are very simple:

  1. Choose F# related topic for your blog post and reserve the date on Twitter or leave a comment to this post. Please note that you do not have to announce the topic until the date.
  2. Prepare a blog post in English
  3. Publish your post on specified date (according to the calendar)
  4. Post link to your post on Twitter with hashtags #fsharp and #FsAdvent.


Date Author Post Title
 Nov 29 (Sunday)  Rachel Reese  How Jet Build Microservices with F#
 Nov 29 (Sunday)  Jamie Dixon  Creating Dynamic Uris For Visual Studio Web Tests
 Nov 30 (Monday)  Steffen Forkmann  F# advent calendar: Using Async.Choice in Paket
 Nov 30 (Monday)  Bohdan Szymanik  Sharpen up your legacy app(s) performance with a bit of F#
 Dec 01 (Tuesday)  Mark Seemann  Recurse
 Dec 01 (Tuesday)  Kristian Schmidt  A roll of the Liar’s dice
 Dec 02 (Wednesday)  Mike Janger  Taking Ionide Out for a Spin
 Dec 02 (Wednesday)  Tomasz Jaskuλa  Data Science tools in F# through univariante linear regression
 Dec 03 (Thursday)  Phillip Trelford  Calendar Types
 Dec 03 (Thursday)  Jeremy Abbott  F# Events, Reactive Programming and Async Workflows
 Dec 04 (Friday)  Richard Dalton  Azure WTF#
 Dec 04 (Friday)  Edgar Sánchez  Calculating a cannon ball trajectory, the fun way
 Dec 05 (Saturday)  Scott Wlaschin  Thirteen ways of looking at a turtle
Thirteen ways of looking at a turtle (part 2)
Thirteen ways of looking at a turtle – addendum
 Dec 05 (Saturday)  Sean Trelford  No 1 at Christmas
 Dec 06 (Sunday)  Andrea Magnorsky  Computation expressions and microphones
More Computation expressions
 Dec 06 (Sunday)  Christopher Atkins  F# 2015 Advent Cookies
 Dec 07 (Monday)  Sergey Tihon  Application contracts with Swagger powered APIs for .NET or Why SwaggerProvider
 Dec 07 (Monday)  Aaron Powell  What’s the time Mr Wolf?
 Dec 08 (Tuesday)  Isaac Abraham  F#, .NET and the Open Source situation
 Dec 08 (Tuesday)  Jonathan Wood  A Quick Look At F# In Visual Studio Code
 Dec 09 (Wednesday)  Reed Copsey, Jr.  Christmas Trees in WPF using FSharp.ViewModule
 Dec 09 (Wednesday)  Peter Bayne  The trips and traps of creating a Generative Type Provider in F#
 Dec 10 (Thursday)  Daniel Egloff  Algo Trading with F# and GPUs
 Dec 11 (Friday)  @TeaDrivenDev  Making Busy Progress in F#
 Dec 11 (Friday)  Reid Evans  Providing Value with Trivial Abstraction in F#
 Dec 12 (Saturday)  Eriawan Kusumawardho  What’s new in F# 4.0 in Visual Studio 2015
 Dec 12 (Saturday)  Riccardo Terrell  Solving the Santa Claus Problem in F#
 Dec 13 (Sunday)  Marcus Griep  Chiron: JSON + Ducks + Monads
 Dec 13 (Sunday)  @lenadroid  Learn the machine! #fsharp #accord.net
 Dec 14 (Monday)  Tomas Jansson  F#, event sourcing and CQRS tutorial… and agents
 Dec 14 (Monday)  Alex Casquete  Building an Hypermedia REST API with F# and Suave.IO
 Dec 15 (Tuesday)  Evelina Gabasova  The Star Wars social network
 Dec 15 (Tuesday)  Stachu Korick  Pseudocode-Driven Development with F#
 Dec 16 (Wednesday)  Yan Cui  Advent of Code F# – Day 16
 Dec 16 (Wednesday)  Paulmichael Blasucci  A Mixed-Paradigm Recipe for Exposing Native Code
 Dec 17 (Thursday)  Kunjan Dalal  1729
 Dec 17 (Thursday)  Jérémie Chassaing  Ukulele Fun for XMas !
 Dec 18 (Friday)  Anton Tcholakov  Using F# for scientific instrument control
 Dec 18 (Friday)  Matt Hawkins  ReST vs CQRS: The Trigger Pattern
 Dec 19 (Saturday)  Michael Newton  Angels From the Realms of Glory
 Dec 19 (Saturday)  Steven Pemberton  Let It Snow! A basic particle system in F# and WPF
 Dec 20 (Sunday)  Juan M Gómez  Developing mobile apps at the speed of light
 Dec 20 (Sunday)  Jorge Fioranelli  Reactive Messaging Patterns with F# and Akka.NET
 Dec 21 (Monday)  Steffen Forkmann  Automatic re-build and background tasks for suave.io websites
 Dec 21 (Monday)  Tomasz Heimowski  Property-based testing XSLT
 Dec 22 (Tuesday)  Mathias Brandewinder  Hacking together @wbfacts, a World Bank Twitter Bot
 Dec 22 (Tuesday)  Chad Boyer  F# Advent Calendar 2015
 Dec 23 (Wednesday)  Carsten König  F# advent 2015 – some fun with lambda calculus
 Dec 23 (Wednesday)  Troy Kershaw  Getting Started with SignalR using F# and OWIN
 Dec 24 (Thursday)  Matthew Sottile  Comparing trees, functionally
 Dec 24 (Thursday)  Craig Stuntz  Designing for Problems Too Big to Test
 Dec 25 (Friday)  Richard Griffiths  Monogame SnowFlakes – 2015
 Dec 25 (Friday)  Louie Bacaj  F# Powered Realtime Dashboard
 Dec 26 (Saturday)  Adam Granicz  WebSharper – a year in review
 Dec 26 (Saturday)  Chris Dobson  F#, Minecraft and a Raspberry Pi
 Dec 27 (Sunday)  @squeekeeper  Generating Markov text from YouTube comments
 Dec 27 (Sunday)  Indy Garcia  Twitter Local
 Dec 28 (Monday)  Pierre Irrmann  Visualizing F# Advent Calendar contributors
 Dec 29 (Tuesday)  Tamizh Vendan  Implementing API Gateway in F# Using Rx and Suave
 Dec 31 (Thursday)  Tomas Petricek  Happy New Year 2016 around the World
Jan 1 (Friday)  F# Software Foundation  Welcome to 2016 – A Call to Action

51 thoughts on “F# Advent Calendar in English 2015

  1. I’ll be happy to do one again this year. Any date will be fine, so just pick an unpopular one for me 🙂

      1. I’ll happily do December 1st.

        What I also meant by ‘unpopular’ was that if you’re having trouble getting anyone to take a particular date, I’ll be happy to do such a date.

  2. Princesses in ancient Pakistan/IndusValley played light exercise for both body & brain, it’s amazingly similar to F# code! As can be seen in this painting of Princesses & F# (also on FB cover or fsSnip.net/sS)

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