F# Advent Calendar in English 2021

F# Advent Calendar is a long tradition in F# community

that became an inspiration for C# Advent Calendar and for Q# Advent Calendar and many others.

Christmas is approaching again, and now is the time to prepare our spirit for it with the goodness of F#. Please join, reserve one of 62 slots and spread your thoughts and love to F# with the community.

This time you also have a possibility to support me (the host) with some coffee. This is optional but very appreciated if you like an event 😁.

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Join F# Advent Calendar today!


  1. Choose F# related topic for your blog post and reserve the slot on Twitter or leave a comment to this post. Please note that you do not have to announce the topic until the date (but you can).
  2. Prepare a blog post in English.
  3. Publish your post on a specified date (according to the calendar).
  4. Post the link to your post on Twitter with hashtags #fsharp and #FsAdvent.

Advent fun with F# and Advent of Code

ID Date Author Post Title
#2101 Nov 28 (Sun) Matthew Thornton Typesafe F# configuration binding
#2102 Nov 28 (Sun) Paweł Stadnicki Practical Open Data: Commuting to Christmas Markets in Berlin with F#
#2103 Nov 29 (Mon) Kirk Semantics, Not Syntax; Developer empowerment using functional-first programming
#2105 Nov 30 (Tue) Lilith Fedis
#2107 Dec 01 (Wed) Phillip Carter How to use OpenTelemetry with F#
#2108 Dec 01 (Wed) Ramón Soto Mathiesen Poor man’s Kafka (stream-processing bus)
#2109 Dec 02 (Thu) Matthew Crews F# Loves Mutation
#2111 Dec 03 (Fri) remmah Setting up FNA for game development with F#
#2112 Dec 03 (Fri) Angel Munoz Dealing with workflows in F#
#2113 Dec 04 (Sat) Ian Russell Using Discriminated Union Labelled Fields
#2115 Dec 05 (Sun) Dave Curylo Defining a Software Specification
#2117 Dec 06 (Mon) Urs Enzler Our journey to F#: The effect of F# on our (unit) tests
#2118 Dec 06 (Mon) Dave Thomas MonoGame Resurrected
#2119 Dec 07 (Tue) Florian Verdonck Fantomas Daemon
#2120 Dec 07 (Tue) Paul Biggar Benchmarking F#6 Tasks
#2121 Dec 08 (Wed) Mårten Rånge Fast data pipelines with F#6
#2122 Dec 08 (Wed) Martin Grotz Serene Sitting with Sutil
#2123 Dec 09 (Thu) Steffen Forkmann Santa and the container apps in the cloud
#2124 Dec 09 (Thu) Brett Rowberry An F# Dev’s Perspective on Clojure
#2125 Dec 10 (Fri) John Azariah Scientific Computing with F#
Post 1 : Introduction
Post 2 : TSP
Post 3 : BRKGA
Post 4 : Solving TSP with BRKGA
Post 5 : Conclusion
#2126 Dec 10 (Fri) Matt Gallagher Using Fable.Lit for Fable apps
#2127 Dec 11 (Sat) Ronald Schlenker PrettyFsi is an F# Interactive table printer
#2128 Dec 11 (Sat) Atle Rudshaug Exploring your crypto with F#
#2129 Dec 12 (Sun) Sudipta Mukherjee Matching cookies to playing cupid with F#
#2130 Dec 12 (Sun) Cameron young  [no reply]
#2131 Dec 13 (Mon) Iwan van der Kleijn  [no reply]
#2132 Dec 13 (Mon) Brett Hall Akka for Advent
#2133 Dec 14 (Tue) Mark Allibone Advent fun with F# and Advent of Code
#2134 Dec 14 (Tue) Luis Quintanilla Sending Webmentions with F#
#2135 Dec 15 (Wed) Chester Burbidge Interactive code runner with FSCS and SAFE stack
#2136 Dec 15 (Wed) Gianni Bossini & Jacek Wronski Sudoku in F#: a functional story
#2138 Dec 16 (Thu) Angel Munoz Building a Webpack alternative in F#
#2139 Dec 17 (Fri) Kunjan Dalal Plotly, F# and Response of India to Covid Crisis
#2140 Dec 17 (Fri) Jérémie Chassaing Functional Event Sourcing Decider
#2141 Dec 18 (Sat) Eriawan Initial quick dive into F# 6 task computation expression
#2142 Dec 18 (Sat) Asti Contracts for Event Sourced Systems with FsCodec
#2143 Dec 19 (Sun) David Dawkins Writing an Appwrite Web App in F#
#2144 Dec 19 (Sun) @davidglassborow FSharp DSL for POV
#2146 Dec 20 (Mon) Riccardo Terrell Concurrent Pipeline with .NET Channels
Dec 20 (Mon) Vitalii Braslavskyi Building a Flexible Deployment System for Grammarly for Windows using F# and AWS Lambda
#2147 Dec 21 (Tue) Bartosz Sypytkowski Let’s write async-compatible read/write lock
#2148 Dec 21 (Tue) Édgar Sánchez Gordón Algorithms Illuminated in F#, the beginning
#2149 Dec 22 (Wed) Dave Shaw Giraffe Development in 2022
#2150 Dec 22 (Wed) Jimmy Byrd [delayed]
#2151 Dec 23 (Thu) Mukund Raghav Sharma (Moko) Perf Avore: A Performance Analysis and Monitoring Tool in FSharp
#2152 Dec 23 (Thu) Jason Down All You Can Eat Agents
Dec 23 (Thu) Danyl Novhorodov Lightweight microservices with F# and ZeroMQ
#2153 Dec 24 (Fri) Marcin Golenia .NET 6 Minimal apis for F# devs, what we get? (including testing)
#2154 Dec 24 (Fri) József Uri Reactive forms with WebSharper.Forms
Dec 24 (Fri) Devon Burriss A simple FP architecture
#2155 Dec 25 (Sat) Patrick Kelly Real World F# Interop
#2156 Dec 26 (Sun) Ryan Coy There is No Magic – Computation Expressions
#2157 Dec 27 (Mon) Stachu Korick
#2158 Dec 28 (Tue) András Jankó Client-Server Routing with WebSharper
#2159 Dec 29 (Wed) Adam Granicz Content-managed WebSharper apps with custom web controls and templating
#2160 Dec 30 (Thu) Aaron Muylaert [no reply]
#2161 Dec 31 (Fri) Kai Ito Using Sutil to develop a real world application
#2162 Jan 01 (Sat) FSSF Welcome to 2022!

37 thoughts on “F# Advent Calendar in English 2021

      1. Hi Sergey, I totally get your doubts given that last time, a couple of years ago if I remember correctly, I didn’t do it. Right now, I’ve got a couple of topics I could already write about, but if you decide not to risk it, I will understand.

  1. Hey Sergey. Do I still have a chance to have some slot for an article? Perhaps #2163 for Jan 01?

  2. Perfectly fine for me. Article should be ready by the end of the week anyway

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