F# Advent Calendar in English 2014

Update: Event extended until December 31.

Our friends from Japan have a beautiful event called “F# Advent Calendar“. Every day from December 1 to December 31, one awesome volunteer publish a new post about F#. What an amazing way to celebrate Christmas, isn’t it?

Lets support this initiative and do an English version of the calendar. Two blog posts per day is better than one, isn’t it? We need 31 volunteers, who are ready to prepare a post about F# and publish it on specified date.


Rules are very simple:

  1. Choose F# related topic for your blog post and send it to me on Twitter or leave a comment to this post.
  2. Prepare a blog post in English (about F# or using F#)
  3. Publish your post on specified date (according to the calendar)
  4. Post link to your post on Twitter with hashtags #fsharp and #FsAdvent.


Date (December) Author Post Title
01 (Monday)  Scott Wlaschin  FsCheck and property-based testing
02 (Tuesday)  Philae Trelford  Snowflakes
03 (Wednesday)  Jon Wood  My Introduction to Data Science with F#
04 (Thursday)  Isaac Abraham  Distributing the F# Mailbox Processor
05 (Friday)  Richard Dalton  Decorating Immutable Christmas Trees
06 (Saturday)  Steve Shogren  Christmas F# Polymorphism
07 (Sunday)  Richard Minerich  Developing an Algorithm in F#: Fast Rotational Alignments with Gosper’s Hack
08 (Monday)  Tomas Petricek  Composing Christmas with F#
09 (Tuesday)  Jamie Dixon  Using IBM’s Watson With F#
10 (Wednesday)  Dave Thomas  Terror from the Deep
11 (Thursday)  Mårten Rånge  Becoming an F# contributor
12 (Friday)  Andrea Magnorsky  FSharp and games in celebration times
13 (Saturday)  John Tarbox  F# for social media analytics
14 (Sunday)  Bartosz Sypytkowski  Akka.NETremote deployment with F#
15 (Monday)  Evelina Gabasova  Christmas Carol and other eigenvectors
16 (Tuesday)  Tomas Jansson  Pure functional applications (in F#)
17 (Wednesday)  Mark Seemann  Good times with F#
18 (Thursday)  Michael Newton  Modelling Inheritance With Inheritance
19 (Friday)  Carsten König  Having fun with type-level numbers using a type-provider
20 (Saturday)  Mathias Brandewinder  Textogramme
21 (Sunday)  Anthony Brown  The Internet of Things at Scale with F# and Actors
22 (Monday)  Pete Smith  Functional web synergy with F# and OWIN
23 (Tuesday)  Yan Cui  Seven ineffective coding habits many F# programmers don’t have
24 (Wednesday)  Jérémie Chassaing  Speaking computers for more fun !
25 (Thursday)  Ross McKinlay  The North Pole Type Provider: Escape from Santa’s Grotto!
26 (Friday)  Lincoln Atkinson  Nested looping to programmatic depth in F#
27 (Saturday)  Stachu Korick  Solving a Rubik’s Cube with F#
28 (Sunday)  Tim Jones  Make Santa Jump – Making an endless runner game in F# using MonoGame
29 (Monday)  Andrew Cherry  Snowflakes — redux
30 (Tuesday)  Eirik Tsarpalis  Deploying .NET code instantly using Vagrant
31 (Wednesday)  Reed Copsey, Jr.  F# 2014 – A Retrospective and Call to Action

36 thoughts on “F# Advent Calendar in English 2014

  1. Крутая тема. Но я на англицком только читаю. Я могу написать на русском итпопытаться перевести это, мне нужен кто-то чтобы проверил. Ну и я блога не веду, куда постить?

    1. Привет, хороший вопрос ) Может это как раз и повод начать писать мысли в свой блог? Его достаточно просто создать 😉 Так же можно попробовать написать сразу на http://fpish.net/

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  3. My Introduction to Data Science with F# (The linking is incorrect, the correct linking as the following)

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